Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Second Review - Qas

Today I'll be sharing the progress I've made on all given assignments. We had a second review session on Tuesday and these are what I've managed to complete.

1. Website layout
So I managed to complete a digitalized layout of what I hoped my website would look like. Its rather straightforward and simple. Though some changes need to be made. The navigation bar needs to be more narrow and need not draw so much attention to itself. The photos chosen needs to be edited more to make them 'pop.' And an advert section should also be added.

Collection page

gallery page

home page

contacts page

cover page

2. Logo Rationale

I completed most pages for my logo rationale. Here are some of them

3. Next thing on the list is a digitalized version of my packaging. Since I've decided to make two different chocolate packagings which are a chocolate bar and a chocolate truffle box. I took the measurements of a medium sized cake box. Unfortunately though it was deemed too big for chocolates. Therefore, a new smaller sized box will be measured and hence the design will be rearranged to fit the new size. 

That is all for me. Stay connected for updates. 

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