Friday, January 15, 2016

First Post of 2016!


I hope you've had a wonderful kickstart for 2016! As for me, i have started to learn how to use Adobe Flash! There's a lot more to be learned, but as for now, this is what I manage to produce for my first time in using this software! Stay tuned guys..

Monday, October 19, 2015

Pre-Exhibition Post

Greetings and hi!
Earlier today, i have set up my artworks for display during the Insomniarts exhibition that will be held tomorrow, at  Gallery Space @ Intec Library. The evaluation are to assess my performance and progress in design course throughout the semester. As the moment we all waited for has come, i would like to show my highest gratitude to Ms. Ida Shaheera, the lecturer of USAD21/Design course for teaching valuable lessons for my friends and I to progress in the world of designing. A huge shoutout to all my colleagues who helped me relentlessly throughout the semester, directly or indirectly. Let's just hope that tomorrow would be a great day, shall we?

Here are some photos. Bye!
(all photos were captured using Iphone 5s)

pre-exhibition post.

Hello, everyone. Today, our assignment is to post an update on our exhibition. Because it has barely started, my board looks a bit disarrayed, still, and it is still incomplete. I also do not have all my items for the exhibition displayed yet, therefore am unable to update you properly on it. I hope we get a chance to update on the exhibition itself after it is done.

As you can see, we have all displayed our portrait vector, company stationary and website flowchart on our board. On our tables we will be displaying our product research items and our logo rationale, alongside our portfolio and other goodies that will be available for display starting from Wednesday until Friday.

I am both excited and scared for this exhibition, mostly because I feel like I could do more but due to the lack of time we have, I will have to make do with what I have. It's not perfect, but this shall be a lesson to all of us for the future.

See you during our exhibition!

-Elyna Mahzan, out.

Nenek's Product Packaging Project: Pre-exhibition Day

Hello there, it's nice to be writing here again.
This is Nur Atiqah Hassan or Nenek writing!

So, for this particular entry, I will be talking about the pre-exhibition day.
Basically, it's the day where we got to set up our own booth with our finished projects before the exhibition day.

Anyways, there's nothing much to say because I don't really know how to explain it.
As always, I will let the pictures tell you the story.

This is the first picture I got from one of our lecturer:

What it looks like.
[Credit: Sir Nizar]

Before setting up our stuff, we already got a sneak peek from one of our lecturer on how the setting of the booths will look like.

Therefore, making it easier for the students to pick which booth that they would like to occupy.

And now, I will show you my setup for my booth!

Printed items that needs to be put on the display board.

My vector portrait.

Website layout.

Printed stationery 

Those are the printed items that I have already set up on my booth.
There's nothing much to show [yet] since I'm still preparing for the exhibition day. 
[also evaluation day]

I guess that is all for this entry.
I don't have much to say because I'm nervous for the exhibition day.
So much stuff to do.

Anyways, I want to give credits to Elyna Mahzan and Qasryna for helping me take the pictures of my booth!
Thank you, girls~

With that, I thank you for reading my humble entry.
I wish you all good luck and please wish me luck too.


PROGRESS UPDATE: The Day Before the Exhibition/Evaluation

The semester is ending, and we've all got finals to look forward to. But for us, we've got another thing in store before our exams, which is our evaluation. This is where all our work thus far throughout the semester will be showcased for everyone to see, and for us to be tested with our product designs.

We just finished setting up the boards for our own respective corners today. Here are a few sneak peeks of mine.

My business stationary!

The portrait vector that probably reduced 3 years worth of youth from my soul. is currently online (or, more like on-board, get it?)

Behold, the Radhii Corner.

As you may have noticed, my letterhead is nowhere to be found on the board. This is because I took it down myself, because I just noticed that it needs to be re-printed, with the help of Miss Ida's observations.

Although D-day is tomorrow, we're still busying ourselves, hoping that whatever product design we come up with suffices and works well. My product designs so far were okay, but I keep forgetting the minuscule but important things. Like the halal logo. Oh, deary me, is my product non-halal?

Aside from that, my mock-up so far has been going alright, but the measurements never match up. And I just found out the reason why.

All this while, I've used the Crispix box as my reference, but it turns out that the boxes that I'm using now, which are the Reese's Puffs boxes look completely similar but HAVE DIFFERENT MEASUREMENTS. Personally, I'm surprised because when I bought them, I even brought the Crispix box with me and compared them to each other to make sure that I didn't buy anything that measured differently than my original measurements.

Thankfully, my design has been finalized, and all that's left to do is remeasure everything. If they still read the same numbers, I'm going to have to find another solution.

Aside from that, I've finally gotten my instant cereal bowl wrap-around shape, but it's still a bit off at some parts, generally the wordings. They never bend the same way, but I'll do my best to make them bend them same way! I was also told that the lid of my instant bowl isn't exciting enough, so here's another night of illustrations of Eii and Kann! Come to my rescue my mermaid babies!

Once I get all that sorted, I can finally face tomorrow with confidence. Hopefully, I'll make it in time.

In any case, this semester has been a crazy one, especially since my "engine" starts late, and is really, really slow. Though, it's the most fun one I had, and I'm glad I got to study design.

That being said, I hope it'll end well! And for that, I'll need to get started on my final edits!

Godspeed, everybody!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rumah Serambi Pahang: Website Progress


For my website, Rumah Serambi Pahang, all the layouts are already finalized and printed out for an upcoming exhibition. The website is basically designed with a modernized template, but the mixture of cream color and dark brown fonts are intended to create a feeling of traditional lifestyle, parallel to the information served on the site.

 The opening page is an image of the door of a Rumah Serambi Pahang, edited to create an exciting element to attract the readers/viewers of the website.

 The homepage is just as good as the few drafts before, i added an advertisement for Coffee Dany below the page.

 The History page is just as good as the previous draft.

Basically, everything is just the same as the previous draft. The flowchart of the website is still in process, but i'll show you the printed version of my website (as a bonus) for this post. LOL

Thanks for reading! :)

Coffee Dany : Packaging and Stationery Items Progress

For Coffee Dany's packaging and company stationery items, i have almost done with everything, just a slight issues that made me have to redo a certain piece- but that's alright. Here are my progress for product packaging :

Final design for Mocha Kaw by Coffee Dany, a bottled coffee drink

Final design for Kelatte by Coffee Dany, a canned coffee drink

Final design for Premium Coffee by Coffee Dany, a bottled coffee drink
After being printed out and pasted on bottle and can, the design looks pretty awesome and satisfying.

 The packaging is printed on glossy papers, and is UV-laminated to create an exclusive look on itself. Although, some alteration needs to be done fo the premium coffee packaging because the bottle was slightly damaged during the process.

For my stationery items, all of it comprising a business card, an envelope and a letter head have been printed out successfully. Here is the results:

My business card is printed on a art card, UV-laminated to add an exclusivity for the cards beholders.

The letter head of the company is simple, yet resembles the same corporate design to show the strength of the corporate color and design of the company.
Same for the envelope, stripes of dark brown  dots  are presented in front and at the back of the envelope. A printed seal of the company's logo is printed on top of the envelope flop.

That is all for Coffee Dany product packaging and stationery items. Thanks for reading!