Sunday, September 6, 2015

Atik's Product Research - Biscuit

Hai I'm Atikah Ahmad!
For this semester design class, we 've been assigned with a project. In this project, we have to work on re-branding a food based product.

My main objective in this project is to re-brand the product and therefore create my own brand.
In order to achieve the objective, I've to be able to complete a few tasks which are :
  1. Came out with a company name
  2. Create and design company logo
  3. Design a company business card
  4. Design letterhead of the company
  5. Design envelope of the company
  6. Create a brand promise
  7. Design new packaging for the product
  8. Create mascots for the product


Before I can proceed with the objectives, first of all, I had done some research on the product that I 've chosen which is  BISCUIT.
I decided to proceed with biscuit product because I wanted to re-brand a local product which has the potential to be commercialized at the international level. 


There are different types of biscuit packaging available in the market but usually they are in box, plastic or can.


The important elements on biscuit packaging would be :

  1. Product name
  2. Company logo
  3. Product image
  4. Nutrition fact
  5. Company address
  6. Contact
  7. Expiration date
  8. Brand Promise
  9. Ingredient
Company Logo, Address & Contact

Product name

Nutrition Fact
Product Image & Mascot
Mascots are also an important element on biscuit packaging if only the targeted audience of the product are kids.

The Product

For this project, I've chosen to re-brand a biscuit product from a local company, Hup Seng.

The Product

One of Hup Seng's products is 'TEDDY'.'TEDDY' is a chocolate biscuit in a shape of teddy. The shape of the biscuit teddy are in three positions which is why there are three mascots.The product came with two flavors which is chocolate and vanilla. The targeted customer for this product would mostly be kids and teenagers.

The weakness of the product :
  1. Font of the product name is not suitable and doesn't attract kids
  2. The packaging layout is quite old school and doesn't appeal attractive 
  3. There's no brand promise
Even though I'm changing most of the product elements such as the company logo, mascots,font of product name and the packaging design, I still maintain the product name and the packaging color.

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