Friday, September 11, 2015

Rumah Johor Site Layout - Website Research

Hello again! Today, I will be explaining my ideas for layouts of my Rumah Johor website. Before getting started with my own layout, I decided to research some other informational websites to get a gist of how the layout should be like. I had to do a research on vaccination the other day and decided to observe some of their layouts - although it being a totally different topic, it's informational nonetheless and should help me see the basic items that are needed in a website.

As you can see, most of these websites are slightly small for my screen ha-ha. Yes these are at default screen size. I should keep in mind how my website will look on other's screens instead of my own.
So a few key elements that I was able to point out from these websites:

  • company logo
  • website title
  • page title
  • page content
  • navigation bar
  • search box
And elements that are optional:
  • advertisement
  • social network links
  • newsletter subscription
  • links to other pages in the website
Some websites even opt to insert a poll or shopping cart (if they have merchandises to sell)! 
The websites also come in various types such as two columns, three columns or multiple columns (such as, where they have two columns, but the main one can be divided into two more columns as a more space-friendly option). The design of the website is kept simplified to fit the more medical use and vibe of these websites.

For my website, I had decided to have an advertisement, a social network-sharing link and links to other pages as my optional elements. It will be a two-columned website on a 800px-600px canvas, and the main colors will be dark brown (the color of chengal wood or meranti wood; the woods most commonly used to make traditional houses in Malaysia) and golden yellow (the royal color of Malaysia). The design will mainly use batik patterns to focus on the Malaysian culture as well as represent the wood carvings found in Malaysian houses. Here are a few sketches of layouts that I had made.

After finalizing with Miss, I will then have a layout for my website. For now, this is all for my update on my website research. Until next time!

-Elyna Mahzan, out.

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