Friday, September 11, 2015

Company Logo; SEKUT

Hai again!
Today I'm back for another post regarding my product research project. This time I will share with you the process of creating my own company logo.

So first before I could start with the creation of the logo, I need to came out with a name. So here are a few names that I've came out with :
  1. DeleCious
  2. Brown
  3. 5Siblings
  4. Ahmad
  5. Shake it
  6. 3Teds
  7. Lolol
  8. BaeSkut
  9. Delight
  10. Crumb
  11. Akasia
  12. Omo
  13. Deabak
  14. SC (Sharing is Caring)
  15. Memories
  16. Sekut

One of my favorite

After a few consultation with Ms Ida, I'm Delightful to announce that I've chosen 'SEKUT' as my lucky brand name.


The name 'SEKUT' came from the pronunciation of biscuit in Kelantan's dialect. Kelantan was chosen as my company will based at Kelantan and most importantly it show a piece of our Malay identity. Basically, when people see or say the brand 'SEKUT', it will just simply remind them of BISCUIT, KELANTAN and MALAY!

As the name brand has been finalized, I can now start with the brainstorming of ideas of my company logo. We as future graphic designer will have to deal with lot of clients. As for now, we are considering our lecturer, Ms Ida as our client and our main objective is to satisfied her. So, the process took a few weeks. There was a lot of sketching and consultation before I could proceed with my final sketch.

Some of my sketches.

Final sketch
From the final sketch, I have to generate more ideas to refine the logo. 

In finding the right shape of the teddy head.
And finally, Ms Ida gave an 'Okay'.

Refined sketch ;)

So the process continued with digitalising the logo. Using Illustrator CS6, now I've my own company logo.

Company Logo

Overall the logo was design to appeal cute and cheerful as our targeted audience would mostly be kids. The prominent part in the logo is a teddy head.
Teddy head is used to represent the product of the company which is teddy shape biscuit. It is also used as teddy has been closely related to everyone childhood. Originally the product has been in the market for years and it is close to one's childhood memories.

That is all for today.Thank you and please enjoy reading our blog :)

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