Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Yesterday, we had our second review for our design class. Basically we had to present our works to our lecturer, Miss Ida and she would gave us her comments and marks.


Since the very beginning of this semester, we have been working on our biggest project which is re-branding food product. It also include designing the product packaging. Since I'am working on a biscuit product which the target audience are kids, the design would be approachable for kids and fun. I'm designing for two types of packaging which are box and tin.

For the second review, I managed to show only one of my idea on the box's packaging layout. The color of blue is used as I'm keeping some of the original product identity, The font used for the product name, Teddy is named babycakes which I edited to make it more readable for kids especially. With this packaging design, I'm focusing on minimalism. I'm trying to make it not too crowded by eliminating all the unnecessary information.

Packaging Layout
Testing the font color on dark blue background.

Comments :

  1. The color background used is too dark.
  2. The font for the information part is boring
  3. Company logo bleeds with the background
  4. The layout is not attractive
Adjustments to make :
  1. Use a lighter blue color for the background
  2. Change the font of the information part
  3. Change the layout


I'm also creating my own product mascot which there will be three of them. The mascot are design to appeal super cute but not to cartoon-like.

Comments :

  1. The mascots seem a bit awkward
  2. The color is not suitable for the dark background and is quite dull
Adjustments to make :
  1. Change the teddy bears' facial expression to make it more alive and animated.
  2. Change the color to a brighter color to suit the background.
Product mascots in progress


In the previous post, I have already explained about my concept for my portrait vector project. So, yesterday I have shown my portrait vector that I had been working on during the midsem break to Miss Ida and thank to God she liked my work even though it is not fully finish. 
In finishing this vector portrait, I played with the shadow and the color a lot. Eventhough I have traced most of the shadow, I decided not to put some of them as I felt it is unnecessary and with less shadow, it looks more clean. I decided to used a quite vibrant and daring color. By adding the puzzle concept, I'm trying to make it more fun.

However there are still some improvement that I can make such as on the background which look quite empty. 


Yesterday review also need us to show the design of our stationary items of our company which include business card, envelope and letter head. My designs on the stationary items are closely related to the company logo as I decided to use the same color and concept which is the teddy head. The design are mostly simple.

Business Card


Letter Head

As for the letter head, I decided to go on with only the teddy ears which still shown the concept that I'm focusing on instead of using the whole teddy head which will make it look crowded. 

However, I will not move on with these design as Miss Ida said it doesn't appeal attractive. So, I'll make another designs and hope it will turn out better next time. 


As all you might have read my older post, I have posted about Rumah Kelantan which is the subject of my research. Continuing from that, we have to design our own website layout. I wanted to have an elegance and sophisticated website layout yet with traditional touch to it. I used shining gold color font which needed me to play with the gradient in the illustrator. To give it a traditional touch, I used earthy background color and a little bit of traditional carving pattern in the loading page. 

However, I'll be making a few changes to my websites layout as there a a few weakness in my design such as the font use aren't attractive enough and the layouts look boring. 

Loading page

That is all for this time. I'll be back with other updates on our works. Thank you for reading.

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