Tuesday, September 15, 2015

a portrait - vector project

Hi again everyone. Today I'll be talking about a new assignment of ours which involve making a vector of our own portraits! I honestly wasn't happy when I first found out we had to make one of our own portrait, because I am very insecure about how I look, especially my face. However, I will take this opportunity to showcase how each and every one of us can be art; all of us are beautiful in our own ways.

Vectors can come in various styles and each style conveys different messages to their audiences. I didn't really have a concept in mind, so I went online to look for ideas. They say if you want to do something good, you got to do something you like. And I really like this KPOP group called B.A.P. So I looked up vectors of them made by fans.

by Denise Fernandez on behance.net

By amj_dreamer on deviantart.com

By hyung86 on deviantart.com

I decided I would go with hyung86's concept of using unnatural colors with a 'breaking' effect. 

So, to make a vector you must have a good photo. I... honestly donn't have many of those of myself, so I had to take new pictures. Nek and I decided to have a mini photo shoot at our residential college, Kolej Akasia one afternoon. After taking a few unnatural shots which didn't really fit with the concept I was look for (or looked really awkward) we played with the cats of Akasia and while cuddling with them, Nek took shots of me. Luckily we did, because none of my shots were accepted by miss and I ended up choosing one with Mama Cat in my arms.

And the winner is...

After not being able to use the shots I had, I also had to change my concept (because a dark, breaking image doesn't really suit Mama Cat's cute yet sassy vibe). Hence I went to the internet again to find more ideas. I decided I would still go for the breaking concept, except it wouldn't be as rough; instead of edges, I would use circular cutoffs. The colors would be more pastel and pretty too; just like the color of my hijjab and Mama Cat's fur (^_^)

By xiumilka on tumblr.com
Found on stock images

 Inspired by littleskulll's artwork on deviantart.com.
So that's all from me today. Miss Ida told me that vectors should be a graphic designer's best friend, so I'll try my best to make this work. I really like the concept as a whole, so I'll try to make my picture a piece of art - as everyone should be! Until next time.

-Elyna Mahzan, out.

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