Sunday, September 6, 2015

Nenek's Art Project Product Research : INSTA-NOODLE

Salutations all!
I am Nur Atiqah binti Hassan [my friends call me 'nenek' though]
and I'm an art student at INTEC.

Anyways, let us cut to the chase.
For my second fall semester at INTEC,
I've been given a design project in which I would have to re-design one food product's packaging that I have chosen.

For this entry, I will upload pictures and explain on some information that I found during my research.

1) Basically, the food product that I'm going for is instant noodles.
Photo found on

2) The packaging of most instant noodles can be found in 3 forms which are:
Cup form

Bowl form

Plastic form

3) Most of the instant noodles that I have found in our local supermarkets are in plastic forms:

Different flavors

Different brands

4) Instant noodles were invented and marketed in 1958 by a Japanese named Momofuku Ando. He invented them because of food-shortages in Japan during post-WW2.

Momofuku Ando (1910 - 2007)

5) The most prominent brand of instant noodles in Malaysia is MAGGI which were invented by Julius Michael Johannes Maggi during 1872 and later merged with Nestle company in 1947.


6) There is an unwritten rule or the color norm when it comes to packaging different types of flavor for instant noodles. For example:

TOMYAM flavor instant noodles will be PURPLE
CHICKEN CURRY flavor instant noodles will be YELLOW

VEGETABLES flavor instant noodles will be GREEN
So on and so forth.

Thus, those are some information that I have found during my research of instant noodles and their packaging.
I have learned a lot more about instant noodles and I hope I can create another design of packaging for instant noodles as good as the other brands in the market.

Also, these are the products that I have with me:
I have a cup noodle, a bowl noodle, and 4 types of plastic packet noodles.

Back view of plastic packaging of instant noodles.

I have a lot that I can work on,
For this project, I will be doing only on these two kinds of packaging which are:
Cup Noodle and Bowl Noodle. [Upper view]

Cup Noodle and Bowl Noodle. [Front and Back view]

With that, I conclude my research entry on this blog and I wish the best of luck to my friends who are also working on this project~!!

Proceed with ease!

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