Friday, September 11, 2015

Nenek's Art Project Product Research: Company Logo Progress

This is Nur Atiqah or Nenek [again]
Writing for another entry of my product research.
Now, I will be focusing on my company logo like:
the progress or process of making my logo,
inspirations or references that I used, so on and so forth.

In this entry, I will pretty much show you the sketches I have made [on paper]
while creating the logo.
Some are nice to me but it all depends on my lecturer's "yay or nay".
Thus, with my lecturer's help, I have already chosen my company logo's name
and also the logo design! *sweats*

Moving on, these are some pictures of my early researches on my logo.
[starting from the beginning like, where I got it and why I chose it to be my logo, etc.]

Since my product research is on instant noodles, I've decided to go with names that I will be comfortable with or suitable with the product.
Plus, after I got the name, I will also use it for my logo because of some reasons that I will explain later.

Company name research.

As you can see from the picture, I have written around 25 names for the company name and also divided them into categories as to make it easier for my lecturer to comment and understand better my explanations when I presented it to her.

Out of these names, NEK has been chosen as my company's name and after that, I can proceed with making my logo and it's rational.

Nek or Nenek's meaning [Source: Google]


1) Nenek or Nek comes from the Indonesian or Malaysian word which have the meaning of "grandmother" in English.

2) I chose it because it is short and easy to pronounce by everyone when I shorten the name, as Nek is the abbreviated form of Nenek

3) I chose the name as my logo and company name because my nickname is Nenek or Nek.
Which means that most people would know me by Nenek or Nek and would instantly recognize the product packaging that I made.

4) It also makes a good logo because it is compact and short.

5) I don't need to cramp everything into one packaging.

6) Not having the problem of my logo standing out more than my product/brand design on the packaging.

Now, let's go on to the early concepts of my logo creation progress!

What I imagined my logo to be.

These are my early concept of the logo design,

Early concepts of the logo

From here, you can see that I have divided the designs into two kinds/types [there were many but I decided to go with these two] and proceed onto making all sorts of arrangements and designs from the same concept.

The left one is a bowl concept because I'm making a packaging on noodles.. so that is not surprising~ Haha!
The right one is a cutlery concept [which includes chopsticks] because noodles are food, so forks and spoons [and also chopsticks!] were used as the logo design too.

I really like all of my designs.
Unfortunately, it wasn't good enough as my lecturer said that I can do better!

Thus, I made other designs following the advice and guidance of my lecturer.

Other logo designs that I made.

After a few attempts, I finally settled down with one logo design that is like no other,
as it is unique and not as commonly used by other companies!
This is the final design of my logo:

Final logo design.
Why did I chose this design?


1) It is the jawi form of my company name, which shows that my product is unique and unlike any other products. This is because jawi typefaces are rarely used in products nowadays and this makes it different.

2) Round and short. This means that it is easy on the eyes.

3) Under the jawi font, I have inserted the normal alphabets which act as a translation to the jawi font [for those who can't read jawi.]

4) Short and concise wordings, which makes it easier to be arrange on the packaging

5) Also doesn't distract the customer from the product name/design when they are looking at my product packaging.

6) I'm also going for the font type logo instead of illustrated type logo. This is because I would like to put a contrast between the illustration on the packaging and the company logo.
Therefore, customers would focus more on the illustrations or product logo instead of the company logo but at the same time, would accidentally read the company logo.

Well, that is all that I have for my logo research!
To wrap up my entry, I will show you my logo's digital prototype design!

Prototype design with selected color: Red.

The digital form is not perfected yet and this is only the font, which I will put on a designed background afterwards [or maybe not?]

With that, I thank you for reading my entry and I hope that I can finish my project gracefully.


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