Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nenek's Art Project: Vector Portrait

Hey all!
Tis Nenek or Nur Atiqah here~
Tonight/today, for this entry I will be talking about my research on another art project!
[3 art projects.. *dies*]
This project is on vector portraits, yaaayyy...?

Now, let's move onto the concept or types of vectors that I have found on the internet
[mainly Google and Deviantart]

Simple and nice. Loving the colors. [Source: Deviantart]

I love rainbows and simplicity and I think this vector portrait has both.
The portrait easily shows the viewer the source of light. 
Plus, the portrait also uses a bit of gradient to make the subject look more 'alive' and not 'flat'.

Very simple but detail background [Source: Deviantart]

I really like this vector portrait as it has minimal use of colors [that works] 
also with texture on the skin and low opacity of the details in background looks nice.

I also like this one. [Source: Deviantart]
In this vector portrait, it uses the same color as the real photo [like the skin-tone].
It also looks rather simple because of the color and also it has no background, making the main focus to be the subject matter only.

Those are some vectors that I like but the one that I will have as a reference is:

Uma Thurman, Pulp Fiction Vector. Pop Art Style [Source: Google]

I would love to refer to this concept as Pop Art is what most people would go for to make vector portraits as we can see from the famous Andy Warhol's prints of Marilyn Monroe.

Thus, after I have chosen my concept, I will now show you my selection of photos that I will use for this project.
Also, please excuse anything in my pictures that make you feel uncomfortable,
Like, for example, my face or my shirt. [or my hands or glasses.. idk, you pick.]

First pose [I don't even know what I was thinking]
Credits to Elyna Mahzan

Second pose [I like this one, I look genuinely happy here.]
Credits to Elyna Mahzan

Aaaand the last one is my pick!

Chubby and happy~!
Credits to Elyna Mahzan
For this particular photo, I was told by my lecturer to go wild on it.
[Like rotating it or invert it and stuff.. woot]

Therefore, in a nutshell, this is my entry for this particular art project and I want to give all the credits to Elyna Mahzan, the lovely photographer of my pictures~
Also, thank you to Qasryna Kamaruddin for the suggestions of concepts for this project!

With that, thank you for reading my humble entry!


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