Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nenek's Second Review Report.

Hey there, Nur Atiqah here!
So, after our holidays, we had our 2nd review on the 29th of September.

Basically in this review, we had to show our progress in digital form on our 3 projects:

1) Product Packaging Project
2) Website Project
3) Vector Portrait

So in this entry, I will be reporting on those above.
[The real session was nerve wrecking tho *sweats*]

1) So the first one, product packaging project,
I've made a logo rationale, stationary items [business card and letterhead] and also the layout of the packaging itself.

These are the photos of some pages of my logo rationale:

This is the 4th page of my Logo Rationale [editing still in progress]

This is the 3rd page of my Logo Rationale

During the review on my logo rationale, I just needed to add more pages and info about my logo and also change a bit the design of my logo since the picked design is not suitable.

For the stationary items for my product, I've made a simple design for it
These are the photos of the business card design and the letterhead:
Beta design of the business card

Beta letterhead design

However, during the review I found out that I need to settle for another concept for my final design since these beta designs are not suitable for my product or the image of the company.

Moving on to the review on my product packaging layout.
This is the picture of the product that I am making:

Lobster Flavor for Bowl Instant Noodle. 

Apparently, my design is not complete yet when it was on the day of the review. haha...
So this is the unfinished version, I guess?
However, I will need to change a bit [only a bit] on my packaging like the logo and the illustration on the package to make it more interesting.

2) Now, marching on to the review on my website layout, I made these layout as a test only and I didn't actually have the time to explore more [I've been focusing too much on another project.. forgive me, Miss xD]

So yeah, these are some of the website layouts I've made

This is the Homepage

I'm still trying to think of a way to make it more interesting
[since this page looks too dull and not attractive.. I admit that.]
Therefore, since it is the home page, I was told to make it more attractive and be more creative in making the designs of the homepage.
And so I shall.

Next is a sample of a webpage for the website

This is one of the content page

I would need to change this design too, because it looks like a generic plain website.
Well, that's about it for the review on my website.

3) Lastly, the vector portrait project.
I'm showing this last because I'm actually proud of it and I had fun while making it!
[not as much as when I was making the product packaging and the website but meh]

Basically, in this vector portrait project, our class were given a task to make vectors out of our own selfies.
Thus, we made it and this is my vector portrait:


I was told during my review that I just needed to add more to the background and I'm all good.

There you go.
That is all of the content [some were omitted] that were reviewed during our 2nd review session.
I hope I can finish all of them with haste and grace [wait- that is not a good combination..]

Anyways, that is all and thank you for reading my entry!

*Judging myself real hard*

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