Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Exploring Rumah Pahang : A Website Research

Hello fellow readers. As the title explains, i will be sharing with you my research on Rumah Serambi Pahang to fulfill another design project; which is to produce a mock up web page. For your information, we, art and design students of Intec Education College had visited the Mini Malaysia of Malacca on 15th of August 2015. During the visit, i was amazed by the artistic and authentic structure of Malay traditional houses that were exhibited in the park.

As i was assigned to make a website on what are exhibited around Mini Malaysia, it had took my interest to further research into 'Rumah Serambi Pahang' which is the traditional house of Pahang state. Beside the fact that i was originated in Pahang, the traditional house had captured my interest in a sense that it symbolizes the craftsmanship of our people.

Rumah Pahang was originated in the state of Pahang, on the east coast side of Malaysia. Rumah Serambi Pahang is mainly made of teak wood, and is moderately spacious. The specialty of Rumah Serambi Pahang is that the  roof are made slightly taller than a normal traditional house, and have more than a single rooftop. At every end, it is visible that the rooftops show a distinct triangular shape that makes the house look grand, despite of it happen to be a few decade years old. On the other hand, the house stands on a protruding pillars that make an open-air room under it to be used by earlier people to put their stuff. It is also used as a mechanism to prevent the house being flooded during the rainy season of the east coast.

Just so you know, all the photos shown are fresh, raw and have not been edited yet in any possible way.

Basically, this is a Rumah Serambi Pahang.
As you can see, the house is already a beauty without any explanation needed. The open-air room under the house is visible from every side of the house.

The teak woods are being mortised together to make a strong and beautiful structure of Rumah Serambi Pahang.

Under house room acts as a mechanism preventing from flood during rainy season

Traditionally, the roof is made up of Nipah leaf, a type of leaf that can withstand wind and resistance to water.

There is two main door, first used as entrance to the house and the second one as an entrance to the living room. Unique.

The interior are spacious, you can notice there is a single pillar in the middle of the house. It is called as the 'Tiang Sari', an old folk beliefs as the strongest pillars of the house, also associated in preventing evil spirits from entering the house.

I felt really comfortable, that to be honest i captured this picture while lying down.

The house do not require even a single nail, everything on it was mortised. This is an example of the biggest mortise that has been holding the house for more than two decades.

From the backside, Rumah Serambi Pahang looks like a huge chicken coop, which is fascinating because if it is a chicken coop, it would be the most majestic of all.

All the windows are human sized, symbolizes the friendly behavior of earlier people, that tend to show whatever that they are doing in their house to their neighbors. This is a rare quality that could not be found in a more sophisticated/modernized city, that treasure privacy more than anything in this world.

As a conclusion, Rumah Serambi Pahang is a house that exhibit a full personality, craftsmanship and authenticity of the earlier people of Pahang state. the house reminds me how far the civilization has been going on that architecture has modernized into something too sophisticated that they tend to forget the personality and transparency of the early architecture. Without denying the beauty of modern architecture, i also think that Rumah Serambi Pahang is evergreen as its quality is indeniably amazing from every aspects,

In my website post, i will further show you my picture, and may be edited using softwares to make it look more dramatic and presentable.


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