Friday, September 11, 2015

Rizqin Logo - Product Research

Logo research had been a long journey for me, as I had never really been the type of person to analyze products and think of its rationale. As a step to being a good graphic designer, I had to observe many types of logo before being able to sketch a few drafts of my own. But to have a logo, one must first have a company.

Rizqin, based off my family's business NRIZQIN, is a (made-up) food and beverage company that promotes safe and healthy products for all ages. Based in Malaysia, Rizqin works to get the best taste out of fresh and natural ingredients and makes sure all their products are halal. Therefore, The logo should promote a nurturing environment that brings you back to nature, with 'natural' and 'healthy' as its keywords.

There had been a few moments when I was stuck with where I was going with the logo. Because I had told my mother that after all this was done, they could use my designs for their company. However, their business has nothing to do with F&B! Therefore between referring to their current logo and brainstorming my own ideas, I found myself confused.

I was even referring to Fairy Tail guild logos...

Then I met up with my lecturer, Ms Ida to rediscover my direction. It was clear that I needed references from actual F&B companies to make this work. So farewell with the first few drafts. I then Googled certain keywords that related to my company such as "healthy food company logo" and sketched a few logos based on what I find. After that, I asked a few of my friends and family which ones looked good with the image I'm looking for, and based on their voted I pulled out a few. After seeing Ms again, we found something that might work.

Off to digitalizing!

First draft wasn't so good - the whole logo looks too long

A few color tests

For colors, with Ms' advice, I had to chose something that represents the company's purpose - health, nature. Hence, the colors that came to mind were blue and green. After pointing out some blues that I liked, it was clear that I couldn't stick to my taste, as the colors are too pale for a F&B company logo. I also had to choose a green that looked bright and fresh to represent a healthy nature rather than a wilting plant. Furthermore, I figured, if I couldn't choose one color, why not put both? So I tried out some contrasting and came up with a few ways to arrange the colors. In the end, it looked best with only the bowl not being green to make the logo look more balance. Brown was exchanged with blue to make it look more earthy, and not so much like a pharmaceutical company.


A 2nd draft version with color on packaging

Finalized logo

Logo Rationale

  • The leaves represent natural resources that the company uses to make sure of a healthy and safe product for their customers
  • The bowl represents the company harvesting the natural resources; it also represents the company's effort to keep the customers safe inside the bowl, away from unhealthy products
  • The green color (#006A651) of the leaves represents nature, freshness and health
  • The earth color (#D9BC5A) represents the naturalness of Rizqin products
  • "RIZQIN", the company name, is based off the Malay word "rezeki" which means good fortune
Hopefully, with this logo, future opportunities will be made for our product, the yogurt drink. And with that, I bid all of you a good day and until the next update!

-Elyna Mahzan, out.

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