Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Traditional Rumah Kelantan

On 15th and 16th August 2015, we, graphic design, animation and architecture students from International Education College (INTEC) went to a class trip to Melaka. The trip wasn't just for fun. We have been assigned to do some research for our website.

The first place that we visited was Mini Malaysia.

The main feature of the park the replica of traditional houses of 13 states in Malaysia. There, I've decided to do my research on traditional 'Rumah Kelantan'.

                                                               Rumah Kelantan
Traditional house
There are two types of traditional Malay houses in Kelantan.They are the 'Rumah Bujang' (Single House) and the Rumah Tiang Dua Belas (Twelve Posts Houses). The architecture  of both does not differ greatly. The Rumah Tiang Dua Belas is found in several villages and in Kota Bharu and aged 100 years. The houses however are becoming extinct.

Rumah Tiang Dua Belas

This particular traditional house consist of 12 main post for the main house, 6 veranah posts and 6 long posts. It has a long roof where the 'tabir layar' (gable end) are fixed with 'papan pemeleh' (fascia boards). The top pair is called 'pemeleh ibu' (main fascia board) and bottom pair is called 'pemeleh serambi' (verandah fascia board).

The wall are made of wooden panels decorated with carvings. The roofing is made of Senggora Tiles.

Carvings on the wall
The twelve Post House in its original form is made up of three main sections.That is, the 'rumah ibu (main house) which has 'serambi (verandah), the 'rumah tengah' (central section) and the 'rumah dapur (kitchen). The central section and kitchen are not sub-deivided into rooms.

Rumah Ibu (Main House)

Named after the great responsibility of a mother who plays an important role inthe house. It acts similarly to the living room found in the modern houses today.
Main House

Serambi (Verandah)

It is the place for trasition between indoor and outdoor. Also used for working, resting  or welcomin guests who do not need to enter the house.

Serambi (Verandah)

Rumah Tengah (Central Section)

Central Section or Main House is the place for resting of the whole family. It also functions as a place to welcome the guests.

Central Section
That is all my research on one of my favorite traditional house in Malaysia.

By the way, let me introduce myself and my classmates :p

Self-assign model in our class, Adani 

This is our lovely Elyna
Hey there, I'm Radhi !

Piece everyone, I'm Nenek
Last but not least, Me ;p

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