Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Second Review - Qas

Today I'll be sharing the progress I've made on all given assignments. We had a second review session on Tuesday and these are what I've managed to complete.

1. Website layout
So I managed to complete a digitalized layout of what I hoped my website would look like. Its rather straightforward and simple. Though some changes need to be made. The navigation bar needs to be more narrow and need not draw so much attention to itself. The photos chosen needs to be edited more to make them 'pop.' And an advert section should also be added.

Collection page

gallery page

home page

contacts page

cover page

2. Logo Rationale

I completed most pages for my logo rationale. Here are some of them

3. Next thing on the list is a digitalized version of my packaging. Since I've decided to make two different chocolate packagings which are a chocolate bar and a chocolate truffle box. I took the measurements of a medium sized cake box. Unfortunately though it was deemed too big for chocolates. Therefore, a new smaller sized box will be measured and hence the design will be rearranged to fit the new size. 

That is all for me. Stay connected for updates. 


When we found out that we were going to get the week off, I'm sure all of us knew that it wasn't going to be a holiday much, or at all, with all the subjects we were taking. That, of course includes our Art and Design subject. Ultimately, we had to finish up a number of things which include our website pages, vector portraits, our logo rationale, our stationary items and our product layouts.

Without further ado, here's how I spent my holidays last week.

1. Website Pages

For my website, I settled with the domain "," which symbolizes my website's purpose, to educate its visitors regarding the whereabouts of animals in Melaka, very well. For this assignment, I used Adobe Illustrator CC (2015) and Clip Studio Paint. Below are a few screenshots of my progress so far.

This is the loading page. It is supposedly interactive, and the goat will be snoring, and the bubbles would float away and pop continuously until you click on it.
This is the homepage of the site. You will be greeted by caricatures of the animals that will be shown. Each drawing is a button that tilts a bit when you hover over it. A small summary of the website will be typed onto the food shown.

Here is the author page demo. As you can see, I used the same animals shown as icons, but drew them as a whole. After consulting with Ms. Ida, we decided it was better if I used the same icons as the one on the home page. She also recommended that I use my own handwriting as the font for the site, seeing as it looks much nicer than the generic font I used above.

2. Vector Portraits

Yeah, about my insecurities? I tried to get over it. This assignment was really one of the more challenging ones I've ever done so far. As I have mentioned in a previous post before, the style I have decided to try out with the vector portrait assignment is the geometric style or WPAP. It seemed like a challenge back then, and my sweat from all the Illustration action became the proof for this. Below are snapshots of the portrait.

In this screenshot, you can see my favorite part of the portrait, the hand. It's very minimal, but the geometric shapes and colors look like they made sense, and I am really happy with how it turned out. The beanie was also alright, and the top of the sleeve was fun, but super challenging, with the folds and crannies. My glasses took me nearly 2 days to finish!

Here is the full version of my progress so far. I'm glad with how most of it turned out, but I still need to find a way to make my hair and face blend in without making me look less of a human being.

3. Logo Rationale

Finally finished my logo AWWWWW YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAA---

Who's a proud mama? I'm a proud mama. Onto serious business, now that I've finalized my company's logo, I finally got to finish up my rationale and my stationary items. The rationale was actually fun to do, and I got to release my inner nitpicker and perfectionist that most people don't see.

This screenshot shows the second page of the rationale. Ms. Ida consulted with me regarding the pages, and dutifully reminded me of the existence of page margins and bleeding. I'll have to fix those.

Pretty colors.

4. Stationary Items

With my rationale settled, my stationary items were dying to climb out into the real world. I had trouble thinking about what sort of designs I wanted to go for, and decided I would like to play with color negatives and positives, so here are the designs that I came up with.

This was the first card I had in mind. It features a large grain image that is essential to my company. Pretty boring, but I like how simple and easy on the eyes it is.

For these ones, I finally utilized both sides of the card, making one side positive (which include my name, position, contacts, etc.) and the other side is negative and includes my company's promise.

In the end, this card proved to be the best. It's simple, looks elegant, but still fun. It, again, utilizes the company's signature grain, but as a background image. I will also use the same concept as the design that came before it, as I will make the back of the card in negative, with my company's promise as well.

This is my first envelope. I wanted to use the same negative image concept, but after looking at it for a long while, I felt that it was too... Nickelodeon for my tastes. No offense to Nickelodeon, I love their shows to death, but I wouldn't want to plagiarize them.

This is my second envelope. The design was more well thought-out, but it still seemed like something was missing. After the consultation and review did I realize that I haven't designed the back of the envelopes, and that I was getting it all wrong. What I need to do is make the envelope match my card a bit more. These designs look so out of place.

Alas, my letterhead. It's the simplest of them all, and there's not much to say about it. My grains are there, and so is my logo. I might think up of a few more designs, though, since I'm not so sure if I'll stick with this one.

5. Product Layout

My product layout has been put on hold for a while, seeing as I've yet to finalize my mascot's design and colors. Plus, the logo that I have now hasn't been digitalized as of yet. That being said, I already have the design in plan, including the measurements, photography and tracing required. All that's left to do is execution, which I plan to do as soon as my mascot is brought into the digital world!

Wish me luck, and godspeed!

Nenek's Second Review Report.

Hey there, Nur Atiqah here!
So, after our holidays, we had our 2nd review on the 29th of September.

Basically in this review, we had to show our progress in digital form on our 3 projects:

1) Product Packaging Project
2) Website Project
3) Vector Portrait

So in this entry, I will be reporting on those above.
[The real session was nerve wrecking tho *sweats*]

1) So the first one, product packaging project,
I've made a logo rationale, stationary items [business card and letterhead] and also the layout of the packaging itself.

These are the photos of some pages of my logo rationale:

This is the 4th page of my Logo Rationale [editing still in progress]

This is the 3rd page of my Logo Rationale

During the review on my logo rationale, I just needed to add more pages and info about my logo and also change a bit the design of my logo since the picked design is not suitable.

For the stationary items for my product, I've made a simple design for it
These are the photos of the business card design and the letterhead:
Beta design of the business card

Beta letterhead design

However, during the review I found out that I need to settle for another concept for my final design since these beta designs are not suitable for my product or the image of the company.

Moving on to the review on my product packaging layout.
This is the picture of the product that I am making:

Lobster Flavor for Bowl Instant Noodle. 

Apparently, my design is not complete yet when it was on the day of the review. haha...
So this is the unfinished version, I guess?
However, I will need to change a bit [only a bit] on my packaging like the logo and the illustration on the package to make it more interesting.

2) Now, marching on to the review on my website layout, I made these layout as a test only and I didn't actually have the time to explore more [I've been focusing too much on another project.. forgive me, Miss xD]

So yeah, these are some of the website layouts I've made

This is the Homepage

I'm still trying to think of a way to make it more interesting
[since this page looks too dull and not attractive.. I admit that.]
Therefore, since it is the home page, I was told to make it more attractive and be more creative in making the designs of the homepage.
And so I shall.

Next is a sample of a webpage for the website

This is one of the content page

I would need to change this design too, because it looks like a generic plain website.
Well, that's about it for the review on my website.

3) Lastly, the vector portrait project.
I'm showing this last because I'm actually proud of it and I had fun while making it!
[not as much as when I was making the product packaging and the website but meh]

Basically, in this vector portrait project, our class were given a task to make vectors out of our own selfies.
Thus, we made it and this is my vector portrait:


I was told during my review that I just needed to add more to the background and I'm all good.

There you go.
That is all of the content [some were omitted] that were reviewed during our 2nd review session.
I hope I can finish all of them with haste and grace [wait- that is not a good combination..]

Anyways, that is all and thank you for reading my entry!

*Judging myself real hard*

Dany : Second Review and Work Progress

For the second review of the semester, i consulted my lecturer to show my work progress and mostly to get her consultations on my design so far. Lets start off with my product design, Cofee Dany.

For the logo, i have finalized the logo with it's rational. The complete rationale (such as the size,color and what not) are still in progress. This is what the logo should looks like:

Next, the packaging. It is sad to say this but my product packaging design was rejected, for good of course. The design have to many problems that i need to redesign the packaging later. I guess Rome  was not built in a day.

Next. my website. The website is about Rumah Pahang, so I tried my best to combine the concept of traditional and modern in a website. The outcomes are as follow:
The Homepage

The Profile Page

The Content

This is the opening page concept.

This picture has not fully completed yet, but i have edited the picture to resemble the concept above.
 Next, my vector portrait. Using the concept of GTA V, i have produced my version of vector portrait.

Stay tuned for more posts from me and my friends!


Yesterday, we had our second review for our design class. Basically we had to present our works to our lecturer, Miss Ida and she would gave us her comments and marks.


Since the very beginning of this semester, we have been working on our biggest project which is re-branding food product. It also include designing the product packaging. Since I'am working on a biscuit product which the target audience are kids, the design would be approachable for kids and fun. I'm designing for two types of packaging which are box and tin.

For the second review, I managed to show only one of my idea on the box's packaging layout. The color of blue is used as I'm keeping some of the original product identity, The font used for the product name, Teddy is named babycakes which I edited to make it more readable for kids especially. With this packaging design, I'm focusing on minimalism. I'm trying to make it not too crowded by eliminating all the unnecessary information.

Packaging Layout
Testing the font color on dark blue background.

Comments :

  1. The color background used is too dark.
  2. The font for the information part is boring
  3. Company logo bleeds with the background
  4. The layout is not attractive
Adjustments to make :
  1. Use a lighter blue color for the background
  2. Change the font of the information part
  3. Change the layout


I'm also creating my own product mascot which there will be three of them. The mascot are design to appeal super cute but not to cartoon-like.

Comments :

  1. The mascots seem a bit awkward
  2. The color is not suitable for the dark background and is quite dull
Adjustments to make :
  1. Change the teddy bears' facial expression to make it more alive and animated.
  2. Change the color to a brighter color to suit the background.
Product mascots in progress


In the previous post, I have already explained about my concept for my portrait vector project. So, yesterday I have shown my portrait vector that I had been working on during the midsem break to Miss Ida and thank to God she liked my work even though it is not fully finish. 
In finishing this vector portrait, I played with the shadow and the color a lot. Eventhough I have traced most of the shadow, I decided not to put some of them as I felt it is unnecessary and with less shadow, it looks more clean. I decided to used a quite vibrant and daring color. By adding the puzzle concept, I'm trying to make it more fun.

However there are still some improvement that I can make such as on the background which look quite empty. 


Yesterday review also need us to show the design of our stationary items of our company which include business card, envelope and letter head. My designs on the stationary items are closely related to the company logo as I decided to use the same color and concept which is the teddy head. The design are mostly simple.

Business Card


Letter Head

As for the letter head, I decided to go on with only the teddy ears which still shown the concept that I'm focusing on instead of using the whole teddy head which will make it look crowded. 

However, I will not move on with these design as Miss Ida said it doesn't appeal attractive. So, I'll make another designs and hope it will turn out better next time. 


As all you might have read my older post, I have posted about Rumah Kelantan which is the subject of my research. Continuing from that, we have to design our own website layout. I wanted to have an elegance and sophisticated website layout yet with traditional touch to it. I used shining gold color font which needed me to play with the gradient in the illustrator. To give it a traditional touch, I used earthy background color and a little bit of traditional carving pattern in the loading page. 

However, I'll be making a few changes to my websites layout as there a a few weakness in my design such as the font use aren't attractive enough and the layouts look boring. 

Loading page

That is all for this time. I'll be back with other updates on our works. Thank you for reading.