Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dany : Second Review and Work Progress

For the second review of the semester, i consulted my lecturer to show my work progress and mostly to get her consultations on my design so far. Lets start off with my product design, Cofee Dany.

For the logo, i have finalized the logo with it's rational. The complete rationale (such as the size,color and what not) are still in progress. This is what the logo should looks like:

Next, the packaging. It is sad to say this but my product packaging design was rejected, for good of course. The design have to many problems that i need to redesign the packaging later. I guess Rome  was not built in a day.

Next. my website. The website is about Rumah Pahang, so I tried my best to combine the concept of traditional and modern in a website. The outcomes are as follow:
The Homepage

The Profile Page

The Content

This is the opening page concept.

This picture has not fully completed yet, but i have edited the picture to resemble the concept above.
 Next, my vector portrait. Using the concept of GTA V, i have produced my version of vector portrait.

Stay tuned for more posts from me and my friends!

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