Friday, September 11, 2015

Coffee Dany : A Logo Creation Process

Greetings I bid to my fellow readers. For this post, I would like to exhibit the process in making my own logo for my company, to produce coffees and beverage under my own brand. I have decided to pick a decent name for my company, which is Coffee Dany. You might be wondering why do i want my company to be known as ‘Coffee Dany’ instead of ‘Dany’s Coffee’ . You see, it is intentionally to be put in that way because if I make my company’s name in a normal order (which is Dany’s Coffee), I would have a company that owns coffee and not a guy who is profoundly known for his expertise in coffee. No. I would like my company to represent a name that is known as a company that makes good coffee and give opportunity for others to own good coffee. In simpler words, people might one day have this conversation: “ Whose coffee is that?” “Oh, its MY coffee” “Okay, what coffee is that?” “ It’s KELATTE, made by Coffee Dany, and dude they’re like the best coffee makers in town?”. Hope you get my humble explanation.

So for my logo, I sketched a few ideas to brainstorm the best one that stands out amongst all. Turns out after a few consultations with my lecturer, she and I both agreed that ‘Coffee Dany’ is the most simplified, elegant yet stylish logo that I could come out with. Hereby I insert a photo of my sketches.
After the process, I started to do a few mandatory things that cannot be left behind in a logo designing process:

1.       Make a proper design to have a better look after the design is computerized
2.       Made a color-test to identify what colors are or aren’t to be used
3.       Rationalize the logo that I have created
4.       Carried out a typography research
5.       Finalize the logo design

Along this process, I continuously consulted my lecturer so that my design does not go off-track or misleading. Now, let’s start with the design. After my manual hand drawn designs, I used Adobe Illustrator to illustrate the logo ;by tracing an image of a coffee bean and basically this is what I get after the process :

Then, I made a manual color test to identify the colors that relevant in making up the logo. I found out that a color that is not so friendly in representing a food or beverage; which is striking true blue. This is in my opinion because it is widely used to represent bleach, detergents and other cleaning chemicals. Thus, I rejected that color once and for all. Red in contrast, is a very tantalizing color for food or beverage, but in a case of coffee, I am sure it is not. So after a few errors, I realized that the color of a coffee bean is what represent itself. That is why I chose dark brown as a base color for my logo. Check it out.

After that, I make some rational from my logo so that the logo will always be relevant and carries out a message to be conveyed in portrayal of the company itself. The reason why I choose a coffee bean image is that I would like my company to be known as a company that have good hands in coffee, be it in trading, making or processing, I just want the coffee bean to stand out before all. To add some originality to the logo, I made a ‘C’ and ‘D’ form and when it is combined, it resembles a coffee bean. This is a strategy in making the logo worth remembering, stands out among other companies or in other word, authentic.

Next, I handled a typography research by surfing the net and downloading fonts from websites (credits to the Dafont community for sharing a lot of fonts for personal use). As I learnt from my lecturer, there are basically two most popular fonts that are widely used throughout the globe; serifs and sans serifs. As she advised, sans serif are mostly used for non-letter or scripted works such writings. It is a wise act to follow that piece of mind because for sure sans serifs looks more casual yet presentable in a logo. Also, she added not to use too cursive fonts because it would only make my logo ended up looking like an ancient manuscript that is not relevant for my product.
Lastly, I finalized my company’s logo, and as it is finished, it has it own rational for what color it bring, what message it conveys and what inspirations it carries. I hope this post would enlighten you on my progress in learning the process of producing a logo. Thank you for your time!


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