Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Nenek's Art Project Web Research: Rumah Melaka

Hey there, Nur Atiqah here! [or nenek]
For this entry, I will write a report [more to research though..] on the field trip with my fellow friends and lecturers to Melaka.
The trip was on the 15th and 16th of August 2015 and it was on Saturday and Sunday.

The first day was spent at a theme park called the Mini Malaysia & ASEAN Cultural Park and it was so much fun there [even though the weather was too hot..]
However, we all went there with a purpose [not to have fun, sadly] that is to take a LOT of pictures for our second art project on making websites.

Atikah in front of Mini Malaysia & ASEAN Cultural Park!

In this project, we would have to choose our own theme and explain or talk about it in our original made website~
Therefore, I decided to make my subject matter the Rumah Melaka!

The reason being that I was actually born in Melaka and even though I was born there, I am not a pure 'orang Melaka' as they would say it.

Thus, I don't have any experience or memory of living inside or hanging out inside a Rumah Melaka. I didn't even know what one looked like! [so embarrassing..]
Hence, when we went on a trip to Mini Malaysia theme park, I instantly walked over to the Rumah Melaka section and snap some pictures away!

These are some of the pictures that I got:

Rumah Melayu Melaka

What I know about Rumah Melayu Melaka is that the colorful stairs made out of stones and tiles really attracted me to it.

It's also one of the most prominent part of the house since it uses floral motifs and it is colorful. I also found out that the stair has a bit of foreign country's influence such as China.

Plus, what I like about the stairs is that it's as if the owner of the house is welcoming the guests with open arms and happiness when you walk in front of the house!

Concept of Rumah Melayu Melaka.

Inside the house, I found a concept or a diagram of the structures of it. It is very interesting since every part of the house was built with a purpose and not only to look nice~

There are some points that they state on the diagram which are:
1- There are ventilated roof space which helps to cool the house [since Malaysia is hot.. we need that]
2-  They use attap roofing of low thermal capacity which gives good insulation against heat [again, Malaysia is hot so that is VERY important.]
3- There are some open interior spaces with minimal partitions that allow good ventilation in the house. [again]
4- Large roof eaves for effective sunshading [one more]
5- Lightweight construction using low thermal capacity materials keeps the house cool effective and sunshading! [yeap..]

Basically, the house was built to be cold during hot days since Malaysia is a hot country.
Thus, the house is very useful in keeping people in it cold and cozy~! [you don't even need airconditioning! pfft]

Other than that, I also like the house because of the simple but beautiful interior designs!

Entrance into the house

Living room of the house
House's veranda

There's nothing much from the house but I really like it's simplicity and floral motifs A LOT.
People wouldn't see it as special or grand as other traditional houses but I really like Rumah Melayu Melaka.

Finally, to wrap up my entry, I will post some pictures that I got from the trip~! [unrelated to the research though but I had fun and I wanted to share it with the readers!!]

Some hut that I found at Mini Malaysia

Art students and lecturers!

Istana Kesultanan Melaka

Near the museums at Taming Sari Tower

Muzium UMNO Melaka.

Playground near Taming Sari Tower.

Well, I guess that is all for my research entry. [I have too much pictures but so little information,, I'm so sorry about that.. *sweats*]

HOWEVER! I found this cool uncle at Mini Malaysia and he showed me how to play the 'gasing'

Bunch of gasing.

Aaaand, you could say that I'm a natural at it. :P

I used to play gasing A LOT when I was small. Nostalgia.

With that, I thank you for reading my entry!

Life of an art student

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