Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Vector Portrait Update - Qas

Just a few updates on our recent assignments and project.
First up is my vector portrait. 

It took me a really long while to compete the face and too be able to make the skin tones smoother and more umm “natural-looking”? A huge thanks to Atikah for helping me out on the sides.
So after I’ve completed the face I changed the color of the scarf and tried to decide on the background. 

Of course a simple colored background is not enough to really make this vector portrait ‘pop.’  And the red scarf really gives off a little red riding hood vibe so I decided to spring for a night forest or woods background. 

After completing the background, I had to change the hair color because it was drowning in with the background too much. At first I wanted to make it brown but in the end I decided that a little midnight blue would be perfect.

So I changed the color of the hair and the highlights of the hair and this is the final design:


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