Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nenek's Vector Portrait Project: Progress

Hey there!
Nur Atiqah here, reporting for duty.
In this entry, I shall update on my vector portrait project's design.

Basically, I will show my initial and final designs of my vector project,
after a long while working with it.
[Thank God I managed to finish it in time!]

Therefore, I'll get straight to the main point of this entry.

This is my initial design for my portrait vector:

Initial design.

However, I have received advice to fix the background,
[cause they don't look that attractive.. OTL]
And so I did!

So here is my final design:

Final design: SEE YOU IN AMERICA!

Well, that is all for my vector portrait project.
I really appreciate the advice that I received [also help from my lecturer!]

It really turned out nice and I really like it!
I had fun making it and I also hid something inside the design
[try to find it if you can!]

So yeah, that is all for my report on my vector portrait project.
I just hope that my other project is doing fine..

With that,
I thank you for reading my humble entry.
See you soon!

por qué
[source: Google]

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