Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nenek's Product Packaging Project: Progress

Salutations readers!
Nur Atiqah Hassan here~

This is my third entry in a row!!
Haha, no, just kidding.

So, for this entry I will update on my product packaging project
Although, there's nothing much to say.
Let me just show you my progress on the project by
showing you the initial design and proceed with my final design.

First, I will show you some of my stationary's initial design:

Initial design: Letterhead

Initial design: Business card

Moving onto my initial product packaging design:

Initial design: Product packaging

At first, I was going for a fun and 'kiddy' design for my stationary.
Unfortunately, my product is not for children.
Instead, I was aiming for young adults or college students for my product
and that is why I changed it.
Because I missed my aim.

So yeah,
After making some major fixing on my stationary and my packaging's design,
I finally settled on one design that I like!
[that also has earned my lecturer's approval.. haha]

Therefore, this is my final design for my stationary design:

Final design: Letterhead

Final design: Business card

Final design: Envelope

Moving onto my final design of my product packaging's design:

Final design: Product packaging

Well, I'm actually still working on my packaging's design.
So it's not really the 'final' design

I guess that is all for the update on my project.
Hope you guys had fun reading it~
I bid you farewell and safe travels!

Pepe dancing to my feels.

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