Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rumah Serambi Pahang: Website Progress


For my website, Rumah Serambi Pahang, all the layouts are already finalized and printed out for an upcoming exhibition. The website is basically designed with a modernized template, but the mixture of cream color and dark brown fonts are intended to create a feeling of traditional lifestyle, parallel to the information served on the site.

 The opening page is an image of the door of a Rumah Serambi Pahang, edited to create an exciting element to attract the readers/viewers of the website.

 The homepage is just as good as the few drafts before, i added an advertisement for Coffee Dany below the page.

 The History page is just as good as the previous draft.

Basically, everything is just the same as the previous draft. The flowchart of the website is still in process, but i'll show you the printed version of my website (as a bonus) for this post. LOL

Thanks for reading! :)

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