Monday, October 19, 2015

Nenek's Product Packaging Project: Pre-exhibition Day

Hello there, it's nice to be writing here again.
This is Nur Atiqah Hassan or Nenek writing!

So, for this particular entry, I will be talking about the pre-exhibition day.
Basically, it's the day where we got to set up our own booth with our finished projects before the exhibition day.

Anyways, there's nothing much to say because I don't really know how to explain it.
As always, I will let the pictures tell you the story.

This is the first picture I got from one of our lecturer:

What it looks like.
[Credit: Sir Nizar]

Before setting up our stuff, we already got a sneak peek from one of our lecturer on how the setting of the booths will look like.

Therefore, making it easier for the students to pick which booth that they would like to occupy.

And now, I will show you my setup for my booth!

Printed items that needs to be put on the display board.

My vector portrait.

Website layout.

Printed stationery 

Those are the printed items that I have already set up on my booth.
There's nothing much to show [yet] since I'm still preparing for the exhibition day. 
[also evaluation day]

I guess that is all for this entry.
I don't have much to say because I'm nervous for the exhibition day.
So much stuff to do.

Anyways, I want to give credits to Elyna Mahzan and Qasryna for helping me take the pictures of my booth!
Thank you, girls~

With that, I thank you for reading my humble entry.
I wish you all good luck and please wish me luck too.


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