Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Project PORTRAIT: Vector Assignment UPDATE

Guess who's nearing the end of the semester! We are! Which means we should be done with our assignments. Right? Right. That's completely right.

For my Vector Portrait, I've nailed down most of what was needed to be done, and the face indeed, proved to be the biggest challenge. I managed to nail it, though, hopefully. I used as many vibrant colors as possible in the few swatches I have used, and managed to give it a bright, vibrant, surreal-ish feel, which was what I aimed for.

For the face, I initially tried very small pieces in pastel colors, but it ended up making me look like a virus. In the end, I scratched everything, started back from zero, and made new, larger shapes in the same basic colors used for the rest of me. In the end, I think it worked quite well.

For the background, I thought it'd be better to leave it empty seeing as how vibrant my self is, but in the end, something had to be done, or else it'd be boring and undetailed. So, I wanted to give it a pixel-ish video game feel, so I made pixelated clouds using square shapes, and made wider, rounder ones to fill in the rest of the sky. Simple mountains were also added! As the final touch, I added a little inside Pokemon reference. My inner nerd couldn't resist.

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