Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Company Stationary and Packaging

Next update is on my packaging designs. What started out with 3 different types of packaging ideas, narrowed its way into just 2 different packaging.  A chocolate truffle box and a simple chocolate bar.

After settling on the flavors for each type I started working on the illustrations. For the chocolate box I settled on a caramel flavor. I found a perfect sample box size that works like a matchbox. Except its square and of course, bigger. So the idea is to print on my selected paper which is brown Kraft paper, and wrap the sample box. Using spray mount of course. 
The original design of the box has a simple flat background. But after a few consultations, a background pattern was thought necessary.  So I traced a simple image of cocoa beans and changed it to the international color of the selected flavor. This is the final design of my chocolate truffle box:

And this is the final design of my raspberry chocolate bar:

Both to be printed on brown Kraft paper and wrapped neatly.
And these are my stationery items.

The final design of my letterhead:

The envelope:
And lastly, my business card (also printed on brown Kraft paper):

The designs of my stationary items are made to look simple. I believe this provides a fresh and a more professional look for my chocolate company.


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