Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nenek's Website Project: Progress

Hello, this is Nur Atiqah Hassan or Nenek~!!
It's nice to see you guys again~

but for this particular entry, I will post updates on my website project!
I didn't have any problems while working on the project,

However, I did a few major changes to make it look better.
Therefore, I will show you the initial and final design of my website.

Starting with my initial design:

Initial design: Home Page

Initial design: Content Page 1

Those are my initial design of my website.
It's not much but at least I got to learn the layout of the design
after experimenting with the placements and logos.

But I know that it is not good enough,
So, I came up with another design.
[And I am actually quite proud of it!]

So this is my final design of my website:

Final design: Home Page

Final design: Profile Page

Plus, this is all of the pages for my website:

7 pages in total

Hence, that is all for this entry
[I don't have much to say.. sorry!]

Again, I thank you for reading my entry.

Peter Parker is crying for my future.

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