Monday, October 19, 2015

PROGRESS UPDATE: The Day Before the Exhibition/Evaluation

The semester is ending, and we've all got finals to look forward to. But for us, we've got another thing in store before our exams, which is our evaluation. This is where all our work thus far throughout the semester will be showcased for everyone to see, and for us to be tested with our product designs.

We just finished setting up the boards for our own respective corners today. Here are a few sneak peeks of mine.

My business stationary!

The portrait vector that probably reduced 3 years worth of youth from my soul. is currently online (or, more like on-board, get it?)

Behold, the Radhii Corner.

As you may have noticed, my letterhead is nowhere to be found on the board. This is because I took it down myself, because I just noticed that it needs to be re-printed, with the help of Miss Ida's observations.

Although D-day is tomorrow, we're still busying ourselves, hoping that whatever product design we come up with suffices and works well. My product designs so far were okay, but I keep forgetting the minuscule but important things. Like the halal logo. Oh, deary me, is my product non-halal?

Aside from that, my mock-up so far has been going alright, but the measurements never match up. And I just found out the reason why.

All this while, I've used the Crispix box as my reference, but it turns out that the boxes that I'm using now, which are the Reese's Puffs boxes look completely similar but HAVE DIFFERENT MEASUREMENTS. Personally, I'm surprised because when I bought them, I even brought the Crispix box with me and compared them to each other to make sure that I didn't buy anything that measured differently than my original measurements.

Thankfully, my design has been finalized, and all that's left to do is remeasure everything. If they still read the same numbers, I'm going to have to find another solution.

Aside from that, I've finally gotten my instant cereal bowl wrap-around shape, but it's still a bit off at some parts, generally the wordings. They never bend the same way, but I'll do my best to make them bend them same way! I was also told that the lid of my instant bowl isn't exciting enough, so here's another night of illustrations of Eii and Kann! Come to my rescue my mermaid babies!

Once I get all that sorted, I can finally face tomorrow with confidence. Hopefully, I'll make it in time.

In any case, this semester has been a crazy one, especially since my "engine" starts late, and is really, really slow. Though, it's the most fun one I had, and I'm glad I got to study design.

That being said, I hope it'll end well! And for that, I'll need to get started on my final edits!

Godspeed, everybody!

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