Wednesday, October 14, 2015

of flowcharts and layouts - website research

Hello there! Fancy meeting you here. I'm not proud of this next project as I feel that I still have a lot to improve and that my design looks really cheesy and unpolished and cheap, as Adani would put it. However, I shall show you my progress as this is a lot better than my previous update on the website research.

Firstly, I decided to keep the loading page. The home page was changed slightly to fit an advertisement and to not make the pages seem repetitive. I also ended up using the beauty of traditional Malay houses which is the wood carvings; specifically, the skirting of the roof of my Rumah Johor. Here are the current pages:

Does the product being advertised look familiar? Hehe

Next are the history, features, gallery and profile pages. Although it was hard to match their identities, by using similar color concept and basic shapes instead putting a vector everywhere, I finally got the pages to look slightly more professional than how it was before.

The next step to completing this project is to have a flowchart of the website layout. Although I had sketched something more complicated, I decided to keep the flowchart simple and easy to understand.

Therefore concludes my updates for the website research as for now. Stay tuned for my last post of the day!

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