Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Project FEESH: Product Design Assignment UPDATE

After finalizing my designs, here's what I have.

Business card.

In the end, a few things ended up going off line, so I'm going to have to reprint these babies soon. Not only that, but the font I used was also replaced. Hmmnmnmnnm.

Envelope. I accidentally printed these with their outlines, which will have to be erased in the next printing stage. I also accidentally printed it on an art card first. Wow, Raddy. Swell job.

Letterhead. So far, only the letterhead turned out okay, but I still have to add a phone number and an e-mail address on the top bar.

As for the product itself? 

The logo has been completed! After sketching and drafting, I finally got to drawing it on CSP, but it ended up looking really unkempt...

Feeling unsatisfied, I went to AI and revamped it up a notch.

I've gotten myself TWO mascots!
One is Eii, and the other one is called Kann.
Their designs are as so.

Eii is a female mermaid, whose color scheme is mostly warm colors to show off her warm personality, and to incorporate the locality of the product, she's given a hibiscus (the national flower) to wear in her hair. All-in-all, she's an outgoing and cheerful girl that I hope the younger kids can look up to and idolize.

Kann is Eii's brother, who has a cooler color scheme to show his cool demeanor. He's not as brash or active as his sister, but Kann is a boy who's just as joyful and adventurous. He has a shark-like back to showcase his dreams in becoming strong and influential like a shark, and is working hard to reach his dreams! Hopefully, the kids will get the chance to grow with him, too.

As for the cereal box, the cover would look like this. It features the essentials, which are the company logo, the brand logo, the cereal itself.

This is the initial design (the bowl was sketched as a vector, and the cereal was initially supposed to fill the yellow diamond up in a splash-like motion).

Here is one of the earlier designs that includes the mascot!

Here is the current work-in-progress!

For the cereal cup, I've managed to get the top part down, but I'm wishing I can add more originality to it soon, but the essentials are there, at least! Just a few more all-nighters and I can finally finish it!

Wish me the best of luck-----

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